Andy solbi dating real 2016

He released a digital single back in November 2007 where Wonder Girls' Yoo Bin featured as the rapper.

Now he comes back to us in 2008 with a full-length solo album that contains a total of 12 tracks.

23rd March - Even though glee22 think that the recording took place on the 28th, I will go with 23rd March because during their kimchi making sesion, Solbi switched on the TV and episode 2 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

Although the trio concentrates on dance music, Typhoon wanted to display their talent by offering a variety of songs on their first album.For ten long years, Shinhwa created a big impact in the Korean industry. Solbi had been trained by songwriter Kim Se-jin for more than 2 years.They were known as the longest running boy band in all of Korea. A total of 18 tracks make up Typhoon first album, which was released in 2006.“Frankly, I’m thankful for this scandal with Andy oppa.Isn’t this evidence that our acting in We Got Married was near perfect?

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