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Where to find the serial number The serial numbers on the guitar are provided through the years on various places.At the top of the neck plate, at the front or at the back of the head or on the cover plate of the vibrato.

Shaken to their Catholic core, they smashed the pottery to pieces and criminalized the premarital and non-reproductive sex acts depicted on their surfaces.

The unique summer camp taught children, from ages 5-18, to play percussion instruments, Garifuna drums and the steel pan.

From July 22nd to August 8th, children learned basic elements of music, writing music, music notes and much more.

In the years, decades, and centuries following the arrival of the Spanish, hundreds more sex pots were dug up by looters and archaeologists, dispersing to private and public collections around the world.

But the pots in Lima, housed at the bottom of the Museum of Archaeology, were kept under lock and key, reserved for only the most educated of eyes: those of social scientists and scholars.

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The camp was a huge success, as noted when the children played the in instruments in rhythm and harmony at the concert.

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