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Yes they would I am an emo boy and I have a big crush on a girl and she isn't emo.i wouldnt refer to anyone as normal because that seems like it's saying that someone else is wierd so not doing that may help you get an emo this girl I like listen to country music and has blond hair and all that but so yes emo guys are attracted to non emo girls as long as they aren't the kind of people that call Emo people fags and such well im a "normal girl"(lol) and my recent boyfriend happens to be emo.i always have LOVED emo guys,thought they were hot and stuff.:) and always wanted to go out with them.What I mean is "emo girls" maybe it's just a phase I don't really know but when I look at the guys in the streets they don't attract me at all. And would they date such an boring and ugly girl like me? I want please a serious answer, and if you are a emo girl or boy then answer please why you wouldn't date girls like me or anything like that. So I'm guessing that emo boys would prbably prefer a pretty emo girl unless they can't get one.I don't like them just for their looks but also because they are different as other guys. I think that when I register at a emo site, or forum they will think of me as a poser :/ and I am not even an emo... So of course you have a chance, just be friendly and open, or just go emo. I say normal because I am not a girly girl or something like that.I think that emo guys just date girls that share the same things and the same thoughts like them. hope this yeps ;) Well, me myself being a pretty 'emo girl' thinks that yes, one reason I wear the emo style is because I am very attracted to emo boys and even ave a sad ' Romeo and Juliet' story up my sleeve with my ex boyfriend Travis who was an adorable emo boy, super skinny with gages, wallet chains, the whole bit. I'm always there to talk, so I'll see you there! I love using my imagination, and if you like using yours, then this is the place for you.

Been admiring an Emo Guy from afar and want to finally talk to him?Hi there, I'm an old school metalhead from Ukraine currently living in Holland, looking for my soulmate who is into music too for a serious relationship.I mostly love industrial metal and rock such as NIN, playing piano/keys (I used to play in... i have been using it for about 4 years now, and i love it.theres so many new people to meet out there in the world,so why not bring them all to teen chat?! I get bored and there's ALMOST always something to do here... ive made friends in countries i hadn't even heard of,theres no resentment in any of the rooms,everyone is made to feel welcome!

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