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We've kept the list to those titles that require Play Station VR or offer full support, and are not including games which merely support the headset in places or offer side missions, such as -style world full of airships and retro robots.More in line with point-and-click titles, you'll play from a top-down perspective, overseeing the entire world while solving environmental puzzles.

What it does: This app guides couples through the steps needed to repair a relationship after a big fight.Why you need it: Finally end the debate about whether you should do it in a fire truck or not. Why you need it: In the awkward, early stages of a relationship, this app lets you have that frivolous pillow talk all day long! What it does: Kindu suggests ideas for you and your partner to try out in the bedroom.You rate each one as "definitely," "no thanks," or "maybe - open to discussion" and the app matches up your and your partner's responses. What it does: Keep all your shared pics, videos, and messages in one place.The hardware itself fared well in the WIRED review - but what should you be playing on it?Here, we run down the best games currently available on the format.

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