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will feature 15 new episodes, all available for immediate streaming.

Each episode will focus on a single character (only Jason Bateman appears in every episode), and they set up a story for an eventual movie, though that hasn't been greenlit yet.

It featured Marc Adams and Sandi Ulrey Robles in the leading roles. ("An English Teacher.") They plan to have Birdie sing Albert's new song "One Last Kiss" and give one lucky girl from his fan club a real "last kiss" on the before going into the Army.

The lucky girl chosen randomly from Conrad's national fan club is fifteen-year-old Kim Mac Afee from Sweet Apple, Ohio .

Actor – Miniseries/TV Movie: Evan Peters Outstanding Sup.

12-19: “Garfield and Friends” B 12-20: “Gift Me Liberty” C 12-21: “Next of Pin” B 12-22: “Standard Deviation” B Season Grade: B Season MVP: Seth Mac Farlane 13-1: “Fathers’ Daze” B- 13-2: “Fight or Flight” B 13-3: “The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba” B 13-4: “Portrait of Francine’s Genitals” B 13-5: “Bahama Mama” B 13-6: “Roger’s Baby” B- 13-7: “Ninety North, Zero West” B 13-8: “Whole Slotta Love” B 13-9: “The Witches of Langley” B- 13-10: “A Nice Night for a Drive” B 13-11: “Casino Normale” B 13-12: “Bazooka Steve” C Season Grade: B Season MVP: Seth Mac Farlane Outstanding Animated Program: (“Ninety North, Zero West”) Outstanding Voice-Over Performance: Seth Mac Farlane (“Whole Slotta Love”) Outstanding Voice-Over Performance: Wendy Schaal (“Casino Normale”) American Horror Story: Roanoke 6-1: “Chapter 1” B 6-2: “Chapter 2” B 6-3: “Chapter 3” B 6-4: “Chapter 4” B 6-5: “Chapter 5” C 6-6: “Chapter 6” B 6-7: “Chapter 7” B 6-8: “Chapter 8” B- 6-9: “Chapter 9” C 6-10: “Chapter 10” B- Season Grade: B Season MVP: Sarah Paulson Outstanding Miniseries Outstanding Actress – Miniseries/TV Movie: Sarah Paulson Outstanding Sup.

4-1: “The Ghost” 4-2: “Meet the New Boss” 4-3: “Uprising” 4-4: 4-5: 4-6: 4-7: 4-8: 4-9: 4-10: 4-11: 4-12: 4-13: 4-14: 4-15: 4-16: 4-17: 4-18: 4-19: 4-20: 4-21: 4-22: American Dad!

” B 3-5: “The Purge” B 3-6: “Jack of All Trades” B 3-7: “Auntsgiving” B- 3-8: “Being Bow-racial” B 3-9: “Nothing But Nepotism” B- 3-10: “Just Christmas, Baby” B 3-11: “Their Eyes Were Watching Screens” B 3-12: “Lemons” A- 3-13: “Good Dre Hunting” B 3-14: “The Name Game” B 3-15: “I’m a Survivor” B 3-16: “One Angry Man” B 3-17: “Toys Rn’t Us” B 3-18: “Manternity” B- 3-19: “Richard Youngsta” C 3-20: “What Lies Beneath” B 3-21: “Sister, Sister” B 3-22: “All Groan Up” B- 3-23: “Liberal Arts” C 3-24: “Sprinkles” Season Grade: Season MVP: Outstanding Comedy Series: (“40 Acres and a Vote”, “Jack of All Trades”, “Their Eyes Were Watching Screens”, “Lemons”, “What Lies Beneath”, Outstanding Actor – Comedy Series: Anthony Anderson (“40 Acres and a Vote”) Outstanding Actress – Comedy Series: Tracee Ellis Ross (“Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Man?

Actress – Miniseries/TV Movie: Lily Rabe Outstanding Directing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Angela Bassett (“Chapter 6”) Outstanding Directing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Bradley Buecker (“Chapter 1”) Outstanding Writing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk (“Chapter 1”) America’s Got Talent 11-1: “Auditions #1” B 11-2: “Auditions #2” C 11-3: “Auditions #3” C 11-4: “Auditions #4” B- 11-5: “Auditions #5” B 11-6: “Auditions #6” C 11-7: “Judge Cuts #1” B 11-8: “Judge Cuts #2” C 11-9: “Judge Cuts #3” B- 11-10: “Judge Cuts #4” B 11-11: “Top 36: Part 1” B 11-12: “Top 36: Results” B 11-13: “Top 36: Part 2” B- 11-14: “Top 36: Results” B 11-15: “Top 36: Part 3” B- 11-16: “Top 36: Results” C 11-17: “Semifinals: Part 1” B 11-18: “Semifinals: Results” B- 11-19: “Semifinals: Part 2” C 11-20: “Semifinals: Results” B 11-21: “Top 10” B 11-22: “Season 11 Finale” C Season Grade: B- Season MVP: Tape Face Outstanding Host – Reality Series: Nick Cannon (“Auditions #6”) The Americans 5-1: “Amber Waves” A- 5-2: “Pests” B 5-3: “The Midges” B 5-4: “What’s the Matter with Kansas?All the teenagers in Sweet Apple are catching up on the latest gossip about Kim Mac Afee and Hugo Peabody going steady ("The Telephone Hour").Kim, excited to have a boyfriend, reflects on how happy she is with her maturity ("How Lovely to Be a Woman").Conrad, Albert and Rosie set off to Sweet Apple to prepare for the event.Before they depart by train from New York City, local teenage girls are ecstatic to meet Conrad, but two young girls are sad that by the time Conrad gets out of the army, they'll be too old for him.

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Actress – Comedy Series: Mayim Bialik (“The Cohabitation Experimentation”) Outstanding Guest Actress – Comedy Series: Christine Baranski (“The Conjugal Conjecture”) Black-ish 3-1: “VIP” C 3-2: “God” B 3-3: “40 Acres and a Vote” B 3-4: “Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Man?

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