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Another theory deals with the sociological aspects of violence in sports, stating that sports are "mock battles" which can become actual battles due to their competitive nature.

Athletes sometimes resort to violence, in hopes of injuring and intimidating opponents.

There are two major theories on the cause of violence in sports.

One theory holds that humans have an instinct for violence, developed during a time when early human ancestors had to resort to violence and aggressiveness to survive and reproduce.

The Ilitch family exudes hometown pride and that shows in their efforts to make "the fan experience central in the design of the arena and surrounding neighborhood, known as The District Detroit," according to the Red Wings' public relations department.

The Red Wings' ownership maintains a top 10 ranking simply because it strives to continue to enhance the fan experience and foster a community in Detroit, even after experiencing some bumps in the road.

“They got going in warmups and there was catfish (thrown onto the ice) then, and they’re bringing the energy. It’s amazing to be a part of it.” One of Nashville’s goal scorers on Saturday, Freddy Gaudreau, echoed similar sentiments.

The intimidating face of a American Indian Sioux Tribe warrior combined with loud green, black and white lining can be seen on kids who can’t even point to North Dakota on a map.

If you live and breathe hockey, head to North Dakota to fulfill your puck obsession.

Despite their 44th overall ranking, the team's ownership remains beloved by the Red Wing fans due in part to their relentless loyalty and drive to win.

Overall: 44 Title track: 15 Ownership: 9 Coaching: 82 Players: 52 Fan relations: 22 Affordability: 61 Stadium experience: 92 Bang for the buck: 71 Change from last year: -30Once deemed the gold standard for NHL franchises, the Red Wings dropped 30 spots in our fan ratings this year.

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Hands-down the most watched and anticipated sport at the school, the UND hockey team never fails to put on a show for the 11,500 people who show up to every game.

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