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Surely if someone LIKES you they would want to talk to you?? Here’s the meat of it – girls simply do not know how to react when a guy hits on them on the street, in broad daylight. Now – of course I’ve come up with a few tactics that minimize their ability to walk away. The opener almost doesn’t matter so long as you’re smiling and have a good fun vibe. Because if they cut the thread and leave at this point – it’s not because they don’t like YOU.

Another key reason that women (while giving you signals that she likes you) will still walk away from you is this: Most women aren’t looking to get laid by anyone new. And for this to happen, you need to have a nice, long chat with them – before they can get away! Right – so – once you stop them and touch them, you just have to get them TALKING! Try a few out or just go with “Hi – I’m xxx – I just thought you looked adorable/friendly/interesting and I wanted to meet you. ” Now a LOT of girls are going to try and get away from you right there – THIS is the time to plow, see? PUA: (kino) “Hi – You’re so hot you just made me shit my pants. ” HB: – I’m Christiana Sasha: (extends hand) “Cool name.

"Hi, I'm writing a phone book, can I have your number?

You getting into those tight jeans or me getting you out of them? I'd check my watch but I can't take my eyes off you." "Hi, can I get your baseball jersey?

"When a penguin finds its mate they stay together for the rest of their lives. " Boy: Gurl, you remind me of a box of chocolates.....

(Riccardo and other Couchsurfing users quoted in this article asked to be identified by pseudonyms.) On the business front, the crowdsourced hospitality site has been experiencing a rough patch lately.

After a controversial transition to a for-profit model in 2011, which brought million in funding in the past two years, growing pains have set in.

" Girl: "I don't see anything" Boy: "I didn't expect you to because love is blind." Boy: "Have you ever been fishing before?

" Boy: "Holy Shit (while looking at her)" Girl "What?

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